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We are a private equity company based in Zug, Switzerland.
Our investment activity includes various areas with main focus on real estate and PET recycling sectors.

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Our mission is to strive towards superior levels of efficiency and sustainability within the operational domain of Lumiere Group with respect to the changing financial environment. We introduce new management approaches supported by the unrivalled experience of our professional team.

Our target is to consolidate Lumiere Group as one of the leaders in each industry we are involved in.

Our focus is to maximize the Group’s capital growth by setting the highest standards of management and best practice procedures in business process flows.

About us

Lumiere Group is headquartered in Zug, Switzerland with a holding company in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The Group was founded in 2009, following the reorganization of a number of business entities, with the purpose of streamlining their operations within the framework of the new economic and financial system of the 21st century.

Our expert team is committed to creating success by making efficient investment decisions and launching new sustainable projects.

'We are confident in our ability to perform consistently, and we know that we are able to capitalize the opportunities presented by changing business environments. We are capable of transforming these into sizable growth and sustainable income generation. Last year saw us gearing up for more ambitious enterprises, and now we are ready more than ever to deliver on our financial promises. After all, Lumiere Group has a reputation for playing by the book and meeting the highest expectations,' says Kay Hofmann, Lumiere Group CEO.

What we do?

Our strategy is to capitalise on opportunities within high-growth areas, by bringing capital and structured business practices to local markets. This strategy has proved to generate impressive rates of return from many types of business operations, over their investment cycle (five years on average).

Lumiere Group is a business, which is guided by principles common to any other company working in the private sector. We actively pursue opportunities that provide an appropriate return and create value for our partners in order to fulfil our fiduciary duties.

We are committed to the long-term interests of our shareholders, and it is our ambition to provide a sustainable growth of our Group in the future.

We act in the best interest of our investors and make efforts to maintain transparency and accountability by promoting better access to information for all stakeholders. Our Group is committed to apply and fully comply with the best principles of corporate governance adopted in the business community.

Our History


The Lumiere Holdings B.V. was incorporated in the Netherlands at the end of 2009 as a holding company of Lumiere Group.


49% of Orion Securities shares was purchased at the end of 2010. Orion Securities is the largest non-banking financial group in Lithuania providing brokerage services as well as corporate finance, private banking, and financial management services to both individuals and commercial clients. www.orion.lt


33% of UAB Orion Asset Management shares was acquired in mid 2011. UAB Orion Asset Management is one of the oldest asset management companies in Lithuania. (It was established in 2000 as UAB 'Investiciniu portfeliu valdymas') The company manages several niche funds. The Lumiere Capital s.r.o. was established in August 2011 in the Czech Republic, with the purpose of developing various projects in real estate and providing financial services


The Glenglassaugh Distillery Company Limited was acquired at the beginning of 2012. The Glenglassaugh Distillery is an iconic single malt Scotch whisky distillery located in close proximity to the boundary of the Speyside region in the North East of Scotland, close to the town of Portsoy near Sandend Bay. The local barley and the pure water supplies ensure that the whiskey made here is of the highest standard. www.glenglassaugh.com


The Lumiere Holdings B.V. was planning to launch several new projects in 2012-2013 in the Czech Republic, Lithuania and the United Kingdom. The Glenglassaugh Distillery is sold to the Scottish whiskey producer Ben Riach.


The Group launched its PET recycling business in the USA investing in two factories in California and Indiana committed to producing high-quality recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) material for use in food packaging and other high-value applications. Concurrently, Lumiere actively invested in the European real estate sector in Germany and the Czech Republic (areas of residential and hotel development; commercial real estate such as offices, student housing, warehouse letting).


Lumiere Group is eager to pursue an active development of its business operations as concerns the recycling and real estate areas with the aim of maximizing its capital growth.

Business Standards & Principles

Corporate policy

We act in full compliance with all applicable legal, regulatory and licence requirements of the countries where we operate. Our operations duly meet all governmental, regulatory requirements and applicable standards. The same is true for the Group’s subsidiaries, affiliated and joint companies and ventures. Lumiere Group does not make donations to any political parties, movements or individuals.

Business principles

Lumiere Group expects the highest level of ethical conduct from all stakeholders. Honesty, integrity and fairness form a solid foundation for our business relationships, inside and outside the company. Corruption, fraud or bribery in any form are not acceptable to us, and no offers or payments will be accepted, invited, or offered by anyone at Lumiere Group. We maintain full and complete records of all transactions made on behalf of Lumiere Group. We fully understand the importance of effective communications in business relationships and safeguarding corporate, shareholder and public confidence in our operations. Dealing with all stakeholders in an open and transparent manner remains a priority for us. It is our intention to promote application of our Business Principles among business counterparties, partners, and joint ventures. We strive to maintain exemplary professional reputation within a framework of ethical integrity in all relationships and practices.

Business standards

The business standards summarised below are followed by everyone at Lumiere Group, including top management and other employees.

  • We are committed to integrity and highest ethical standards in all business affairs.
  • We understand that successful, positive and proactive business relationships are only achieved through a continuously high level of trust by all parties.
  • We pride ourselves on our ability to be transparent, open and uncomplicated.
  • We promote better access to information, knowledge, experience and skills within and outside Lumiere Group.
  • We rely on proactive teamwork and innovative thinking.
  • We conduct our business responsibly, and work towards sustainability.

Social Responsibility

We are governed by good practices of social responsibility in all aspects of our business. Social responsibility is an integral element of our corporate values. At Lumiere Group we see social responsibility as a sound business practice. To us, social responsibility does not merely suggest complying with laws and providing quality products and services. Our relationships with partners and shareholders are based on integrity, reliability and transparency. We believe that our long-term success depends on our honest and open communication, quality services and projects, and high ethical standards in all our operations. We also believe in social responsibility with social commitments and obligations. We take our role in the society seriously, and we are determined to make a meaningful contribution to the community. We support a range of projects and initiatives to benefit the local communities which host our operations. We consider proactive corporate social involvement to be key to the progress of our company. Our social initiatives are implemented through support to education, health care, environment, sports, culture and arts.

  • Environment
  • Education
  • Charity Work

Partners & Projects


Lumiere Group Today

Our investment strategy focuses mainly on the following sectors: Real Estate and Recycling Industry. We are also interested in venture capital projects, and provision of consulting services.

Real Estate

Our objective is to engage in a broad spectrum of activities in the real estate sector, mezzanine financing and development investing. Currently, Real Estate investments include assets located mainly in Central Europe.


The Group manages PET recycling factories in the United States (California, Indiana) utilizing its own unique patented technologies in this field.

Venture Capital

We invest in early-stage, high-potential companies. We provide support as well as financing to start-up companies, benefiting from our professional advice and market data available to us.

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Amsterdam, the Netherlands

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